About Us

Serving Brazoria and Matagorda Counties in Texas

Gulf Coast Wildlife Rescue is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization of permitted wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers dedicated to caring for injured and orphaned wildlife for the purpose of release back into the wild. The primary activity of GCWR is to provide food, shelter, medical treatment, and rehabilitation to all Texas native wildlife at no cost to the public. We serve the Brazoria and Matagorda County areas along the upper Texas Gulf Coast. GCWR is an all volunteer organization with no paid employees. GCWR receives NO state, federal, or city funds; however, donations are welcomed from individuals, business, and industry to help defray costs for food and medicine.

GCWR sponsors and operates a 24-hour Rescue Hotline (979-849-0184) that the public can call if they find injured or orphaned animals or have questions concerning wildlife. Also, our group raises public awareness of wildlife issues through a variety of educational programs to school groups, civic organizations, and clubs free of charge.

As a whole, GCWR typically cares for over 1500 animals per year with a greater than 60% release rate back to wild. GCWR has cared for over 250 different species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. If you have a favorite animal, chances are GCWR has cared for it. These animals are flying or running free today because of the efforts of GCWR.