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How To Contact GCWR

You may e-mail directly at info@gcwr.org.
Do not use e-mail for wildlife emergencies.

To find a rehabilitator in Texas, use this link:

Texas permitted wildlife rehabilitators

You may leave a message concerning injured and orphaned wildlife on the GCWR Rescue Hotline.  The GCWR Rescue Hotline is for residents of Brazoria/Matagorda counties in Texas only please.


Mailing Address:

    316 CR 605
    Angleton, TX  77515

GCWR Board of Directors:

    Patty Brinkmeyer

    Joyce Gabbard, Chairperson

    Sandy Henderson

    Dana Simon

GCWR Officers:

   President  - Sheree Etie

    Vice President - Cherie Allen

    Secretary - Susan McMillian

    Treasurer - Sandy Henderson

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