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How to Rid your Attic of Raccoons and Squirrels

The only reason raccoons and squirrels take up residence in your attic is to have babies. The reasons they have selected YOUR attic is because they could gain access, and they feel YOUR attic is a safe place to nest. You can convince them otherwise!

The following methods have proven 100% effective in convincing mother raccoons and squirrels to move their babies to another location...

  • Leave the lights on in your attic.  You can also hang a utility light for additional lights.
  • Put smelly cat/dog blankets or cat/dog hair near the nest area.
  • While your "guests" are sleeping - raccoons (daytime) or squirrels (nighttime), go inside the attic and make a lot of noise with pots and pans, whistles, horns etc.   You can also tie a box to a rope, throw it in the attic and drag it across the rafters.  (This is your chance to get even).

Utilize all these methods for 3 days in a row and you will be assured of an animal free attic in that time. You must give the mother time to move the babies one by one to another location. Keep pet indoors to insure safe passage for the mother and babies. Raccoons will move their babies at night, squirrels during the day.

Once your are certain the animals are gone, you must act quickly to seal up all possible access to the attic, replacing rotten boards and making necessary repairs. Also, now is the time to trim back tree branches to eliminate access to the roof.

Note: This technique does not work for mice/rats or owls. Occasionally barn owls will nest in an attic. These removal techniques cannot be used for owls, because they cannot move their babies. You will need to wait until the babies are old enough to leave the nest, then seal up the attic when they have left.




These techniques will only result in the death and starvation of baby animals in your attic.

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